Muheel Facilities Management are experts in building technical services such as chillers, pumps, motors, etc. Our staff training and maintenance schedules are developed using SFG20, which is an international reconsidered building maintenance standard.  It defines:

  • How many times a year maintenance should be conducted to prevent over or under maintenance.

  • How to carry out maintenance task correctly & safely.

  • What skill set is required to complete the maintenance task.



We know good consistent cleaning standards can make a big difference to your customers perception of your business and it's brand.  


We are experienced in delivering a range of cleaning services in a variety building environments and sectors.  


We achieve this by focusing on developing cleaning skills of our staff and our front-line supervisors. 

Our housekeeping teams are trained to use the internationally recognised colour coding system.  


The aim of a colour coding system is to help prevent cross contamination during the cleaning process.  For example red cleaning equipment is only used in washrooms, where as and blue is only used for common and offices areas. 



Our operational teams are backed by our National 24/7 Customer Care Center. Customer Care Agents speak English and Arabic. 


Their key responsibility is to log each customer requests into the CAFM system correctly, and then dispatched your request to the closest and appropriate team to resolve your request. 


At Muheel we use technology to help drive performance and consistent service delivery.  Muheel has an innovative cloud based Computer Aided Facilities Management System (CAFM) that provides our operation teams with:

  • Real Time Scheduling Dash Board

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance  (PPM) Tasks

  • Deep Cleaning Tasks

  • Log of Reactive & Emergency Tasks

  • KPI & SLA Reporting

  • Real Time Operational Analytics

We also have low cost mobile solution that connects directly to our CAFM system.  Tasks can be dispatched directly to operatives mobile phones. 

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