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Disinfection Services
Getting your business back to business

Keep your homes, shops, and offices safe from germs and viruses, such as the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19, by scheduling a disinfection service to be carried out by our team.

The chemical we are using is VIREX II 256 (see attached MDS) which is approved by the EPA for all Human Coronavirus. Its non-toxic and won't damage floorings or finishing's. 

At Muheel we keep the process very simple, and cost effective for our Clients 

Our staff are trained to British Institute of Cleaning Science Standards. They undergo rigorous training learning the internal best practices for cleaning. They are trained to use microfiber clothes, mechanical cleaning equipment, chemicals and dosing systems and maintain strong infection control. 

We use microfibre cloths and mobs. Microfibre cloths alone can remove 99% of dirt and bacteria. 

We use also use Quattro Select Chemical Dosing Units. These units hold four types of chemical concentrates for different cleaning activities (Floors, Washrooms, Surfaces, Glass, Stainless Steel & Disinfection). The unit ensures right amount of chemical is given every time. Not enough chemical can make cleaning ineffective and too much could damage surfaces, so we use Quattro Select to get it right every time 

For disinfection we use a product called Virex II 256 which is EPA approved for Corona Virus (plus many other bacteria and viruses). EPA Registration Number 70627-24. Virex is a one-step germicidal disinfectant cleaner and deodorant designed for general cleaning of hospitals, hotels, public areas, restrooms, schools and universities and foodservice establishments. 

For Virex to be effective, contact time with surface (should remain wet) must be 10mins. It is 100% safe to be used around people. You don't need special Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to apply it (so need for overalls and respirators). So no impact to your operations. 

Most companies rely on a subjective visual assessment of cleanliness, which is not fit for purpose and only detects gross lapses of practice. Visual assessment gives a misleading over-estimate of cleaning that undermines infection control strategies. So at Muheel we provide Real-time Adenosine Tri-phosphate (ATP) on site testing. ATP testing gives an objective indication of cleanliness in seconds. The test detects the amount of organic material present on surfaces (desks, door handles, chairs, etc) 

Contact our team for additional information and scheduling.

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Disinfection Services Video

Here are some videos and pics from out recent disinfection works

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Disinfection Services


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